Table Clock

Table Clock
Arne Jacobsen’s earliest clock design from 1939 included two models: a traditional clock on a Bakelite base and a modern clock on bent steel legs.
Arne Jacobsen
Photo: Rosendahl.

This table clock from 1939 is Arne Jacobsen’s earliest clock design. It was designed for Lauritz Knudsen, a manufacturer of electrical appliances, whose CEO had commissioned the design of his house from Arne Jacobsen during the 1930s. The clock was included in the Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition in 1939.

Over his six-decade-long career, Arne Jacobsen designed a number of clocks, but few of them were table clocks. The LK Table Clock was designed in two models: as a traditional clock on a Bakelite base and as a modern clock on bent steel legs inspired by the industrial design aesthetic of the Bauhaus school. The original clockface with Arabic numerals and double hands was later replaced by the simpler Station clockface. Today, the model with steel legs is the better-known one. It is produced by Rosendahl with different clockface designs by Arne Jacobsen.


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Today, the table clock, manufactured by Rosendahl, features Arne Jacobsen’s name in his original typeface on the clock face. Photo: Rosendahl.
Table Clock
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