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In 2009, Rosendahl acquired the rights to several of Arne Jacobsen’s clock designs, which until then had been produced outside Denmark. Today, the collection includes the LK table clock and the Roman, City Hall, Bankers and Station clock faces.

In collaboration with Arne Jacobsen’s former employee Teit Weyland and based on the original drawings, five clock faces and the table clock from 1939 have been reconstructed to live up to Arne Jacobsen’s exacting design standards. 

Remarkably, the five clocks in the collection represent every decade of Arne Jacobsen’s long career. The Bauhaus-inspired table clock dates from 1939, the Station clock is from the 1940s, as does the Roman clock face, which was designed for Aarhus City Hall. After the war, Arne Jacobsen’s clock designs took on a more minimalist character, with the City Hall clock for Rødovre Town Hall from 1956 and the Bankers clock from the final years just before Arne Jacobsen’s death in 1971. Each of the five different clock faces is available as a wall clock, a table clock and a wristwatch.

Manufactured by Rosendahl