Station Clock
Arne Jacobsen’s ability to create stringent, minimalist graphic design is evident in the early clock face design Station from 1941.
Arne Jacobsen
Today, the Station clock, manufactured by Rosendahl, features Arne Jacobsen’s name in his original typeface on the clock face. Photo: Rosendahl.

Arne Jacobsen designed the clock face Station around 1941 for the electrical appliance manufacturer Lauritz Knudsen. The simple, modern design was intended to replace the clock face of the Bauhaus-inspired LK table clock that Arne Jacobsen had designed a few years earlier.

The accomplishments of Arne Jacobsen’s long career not only include architecture and furniture but also a wide range of graphic designs. Typefaces, packaging, posters, patterns and clocks are some of the graphic designs Arne Jacobsen created. Although the Station clock face is one of Arne Jacobsen’s early graphic designs, his stringent, minimalist aesthetic and grasp of details is evident in this early clock design, which is now in production by Rosendahl.


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Station Clock
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