The 60th anniversary of St. Catherine’s College

The 60th anniversary of St. Catherine’s College

In 1964, Arne Jacobsen had his main international breakthrough with the design of St. Catherine’s College in Oxford. In his design of the new university college, Arne Jacobsen combined Oxford’s long history with new and innovative buildings and grounds.

In a comment on the project, Arne Jacobsen said, ‘I have attempted to build on the traditions I encountered at Oxford but sought to translate them into a modern expression. I don’t see how one could do anything else. As a foreigner, one has an obligation to adhere to the customs and traditions that exist, but on the other hand, I also think one has an obligation to translate them into a modern idiom. Otherwise, one might end up with, in my opinion, the very worst outcome, which is a pastiche, a sad copy of something old.’

This year, St Catherine’s College in Oxford, celebrates its 60th anniversary. To mark the anniversary, the college hosted a one-day conference on August 27th, exploring Arne Jacobsen’s work at St Catherine’s both in its 1960s context and from the present-day perspective of its influence in the UK and Denmark. The conference included talks from former employees of Arne Jacobsen’s studio, architectural historians and from Tobias Jacobsen, the grandson of Arne Jacobsen and a part of the organization Arne Jacobsen Design.

At St. Catherine’s College, Arne Jacobsen not only designed the architecture, but also the entire interior design and the surrounding landscape. Read more about the comprehensive project here.

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