Arne Jacobsen 120 years

2022 marks the 120th anniversary of Arne Jacobsen’s birth.

Arne Jacobsen was born on 11 February 1902. From a young age, he showed an exceptional talent for drawing. After graduating as an architect from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 1927, he embarked on a remarkable career as an architect and designer. For several of his iconic works of architecture Arne Jacobsen also designed furniture and interiors, creating total designs that became a hallmark of his approach. His work includes groundbreaking buildings, such as the SAS Royal Hotel, as well as visionary furniture designs, such as the Egg and Series 7 chairs. In many ways, Arne Jacobsen was ahead of his time, and he is recognized today as one of the most influential architects and designers in Danish design history.

To mark the anniversary, we celebrate the wide range of Arne Jacobsen’s works by highlighting some of his most significant works of architecture and design on this website as well as his pattern and textile designs, which represent a lesser-known aspect of his talent.

Photo: Duffy © Duffy Archive

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