Centre Pompidou shows furniture from the Munkegaard School in new exhibition

Centre Pompidou in Paris just opened the exhibition ‘The Childhood of Design: A Century of Furniture for Children’, which shows 20th-century furniture designed specifically for children. The exhibition demonstrates how furniture items for children are not merely miniaturised copies of furniture for adults but design objects in their own right. Several of the leading designers of the 20th century created furniture for children, among them Arne Jacobsen. For the Munkegaard School (1957) in Gentofte north of Copenhagen, Arne Jacobsen designed the Munkegaard chair and an accompanying school desk, both of which are included in the exhibition. At Centre Pompidou, these designs are shown alongside designs for children by Jean Prouvé, Marcel Lods and Walter Papst, among others.

‘The Childhood of Design: A Century of Furniture for Children’ at Centre Pompidou in Paris is open from 25 April to 12 August 2024.

Classroom at the Munkegaard School with the Munkegaard Chair and accompanying school desk, approximately 1957. Photo: Arne Jacobsen. Original is found at the Royal Danish Library - Danish National Art Library.

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