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Borås wallpaper

With inspiration from his deep love of nature, Arne Jacobsen created a range of beautiful textile and wallpaper patterns concurrently with his work as an architect and designer. The early patterns from the 1940s represent the wild nature Arne Jacobsen encountered during his exile in Sweden while Denmark was under wartime occupation. Here, he collaborated with the department store Nordiska Kompaniet in Stockholm on a wide range of textile and wallpaper patterns.

After his return to Denmark, he continued to design new patterns. The compositions became increasingly graphic and simple, but nature remained a key source of inspiration.

Today, Arne Jacobsen’s patterns are in production by the Swedish wallpaper manufacturer Borås Tapeter, which has been producing high-quality wallpaper since 1905. This collaboration began in 2012, when the company relaunched several of Arne Jacobsen’s patterns as part of its Scandinavian Designer collection. In 2016, another collection was launched, based on patterns by Arne Jacobsen, Stig Lindberg, Viola Gråsten and Gocken and Lisbets Jobs, all of whom had worked with Nordiska Kompaniet during the 1940s. The final Scandinavian Designer collection was presented in 2020 and included Arne Jacobsen’s patterns Ranke (Vine) and Tassel, among others.