New publication about St. Catherine’s College

In 1964, Arne Jacobsen had his main international breakthrough with the design of St. Catherine’s College in Oxford, which is both the youngest and the largest of Oxford’s 32 colleges. The combination of the historical traditions of the university town of Oxford and Arne Jacobsen’s modernist expression made St. Catherine’s College one of his most significant works of architecture.

In a new book about the college, titled Catz, René Kural, architect and former associate professor at the Royal Danish Academy, School of Architecture, explores the extensive college buildings and grounds from several different vantage points. Through student interviews, correspondence, popular culture and a look at the architectural details of the complex, the book provides an integrated understanding of the college. It also describes the history and context of the architectural project, from the choice of Arne Jacobsen as project architect to the construction and official opening of the college.

Photo: Rasmus Hjortshøj.

Many aspects of the total design that Arne Jacobsen created for St. Catherine’s College have been preserved to this day. Among his bespoke designs are the Oxford lamp and the high-backed Professor chair, which he created for the imposing dining hall. The chair was later developed into the well-known Oxford Chair.

The book was recently published by Strandberg Publishing. Find it in Danish here.

Photo: Jonas Bjerre Poulsen / Norm Architects.
Photo: Rasmus Hjortshøj.

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