New permanent exhibition at Designmuseum Danmark about Danish design icons

The exhibition ‘Danish Modern’ at Designmuseum Danmark showcases Danish design icons from the period of 1920 to 1970. With a special focus on the mid-20th century, the presentation tells the success story of Danish design and explores how it became so popular and attained iconic status both in Denmark and abroad.

Several designs by Arne Jacobsen are featured in the exhibition. Alongside works by other leading designers, including Hans J. Wegner and Nanna Ditzel, they help tell the story of ‘Danish Modern’. Among other items, the exhibition presents some of the designers’ personal items as well as drawings and archival materials in a format the museum calls a Danish Modern theatre, which places the designers into the context of both Danish and international design history.

Some of Arne Jacobsen’s designs are also presented in the museum’s ‘chair tunnel’, which has been updated and expanded for the exhibition and now features a total of 125 chairs, including works by international designers, such as Marcel Breuer and Charles Eames.

‘Danish Modern’ at Designmuseum Danmark opened on 14 June 2024.

Photos: Christian Hoyer, Designmuseum Danmark.

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